All prices are charged on a per day basis, including the day dropped off and the day picked up unless the boarder is picked up prior to 12:00pm.  Boarders going home before NOON on their pick up day will NOT be charged for that day. If the pet receives a bath or groom on the day they are picked up, there is not a charge for that day of boarding, although there is the charge for the bath or groom.  We also offer Sunday afternoon pickups from 5:30-6:00 PM only, excluding major holidays.  Dogs and cats staying more than 7 days will receive a 5% discount on the boarding charge.

Please read and fill out the Boarding Release Form prior to bringing your pet for boarding.


4′ X 3′ = $15.50
(20lbs and under)
Includes 3 walks a day.IMG_1324


3′ X 8′ = $19.60 (pictured below)
4′ X ‘8’ = $21.70
4′ X ’10’ = $28.50

Includes 2 walks a day.

Canine Deluxe Suites


 Includes 3 walks and a 15 minute playtime daily.IMG_1322

Cat Boarding

Our feline guests have a separate, quiet room where they can relax all by themselves. 

The cages can be joined to provide more space.   

Playtimes can be arranged in our cat play area for $3.30 for 20 minutes.

Add Ons

Nail Trim: $10.00
Playtime: $8.80/15 min
Bath: prices depend on the size of the pet.
Extra walks:

Holidays may require a deposit to secure boarding space for your pet.

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