Author: Amber McNaull

18 Sep K-Laser Therapy

K-Laser Therapy is an excellent, drug-free, surgery-free option for our pets.  Using both infrared and visible red light, this therapy promotes healing by increasing circulation to the treated areas.  This increased circulation will enable more oxygen and nutrients to be brought to these affected areas.  Reducing inflammation, muscle...

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11 Sep Firehall 4 went for a run

The staff of Firehall 4 Animal Hospital enjoyed joining Athens Canine Rescue as they hosted their annual Run Your Tail Off 2015! The race was held at Southeast Clarke Park on September 20th. There was a 5K and 2K Dog Walk. Athens Canine Rescue is a non-profit...

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17 Aug Back to School!

As students and teachers are heading back to school, a lot of routines are changing. As you, the pet parent, become busier your pet’s schedule will also change. This can mean pets are spending more time alone and/or unsupervised. The new schedule for your pet...

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