About the Firehall



Built as fire station #4 in 1964, the building was dedicated and opened January 6, 1965.  Eight men, divided into two shifts operated out of the station in a 1953 GMC Fire Engine.  As time passed, the fire trucks got larger and the Station became too small and outdated.  The new Fire Station was built just down the street in 2003.  The old station #4 was auctioned in 2004 and was renovated in its new role as a veterinary clinic… still serving the people of Athens, Georgia today!




Medical Facilities


Exam Rooms
Our spacious and well organized exam rooms allow for maximum patient-doctor contact. The hydraulic lift table has saved many back problems (with both staff members and clients) when examining our larger dogs.  The Firehall staff works hard to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.  As our lab is located outside the exam room in the treatment area, please feel free to request viewing the parasite eggs or parasites that we find under the microscope.

Our state of the art equipment allows the doctors to perform to the best of their abilities. Our patient’s vital signs are constantly monitored by Dopplers and ECG devices while under anesthesia. The Surgery Suite is constructed with positive air flow and a Hippa filter to reduce pathogens.  Special warming blankets are used to maintain body temperature while orthopedic, dental procedures, and soft tissue surgeries are performed.  As always, the best interest of your pet is our focus.  Referrals for specialized surgeries are always made when deemed necessary or at the owners’ discretion.





Reception and Waiting Area
The old fire station truck bays were turned into bench seat windows that view our fenced courtyard, which is complete with a red fire hydrant.  Homemade quilts (Dr. M is a quilter) line the walls in some areas.  A Children’s Corner provides books, toys, and a TV for entertainment.  The retail area contains leashes, collars, Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet foods, enzymatic cleaners, and scented candles.  Suggestions for stocking certain items or for ways we can improve your wait are always welcome.

Treatment, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Dental Suite, and Isolation Ward
The treatment area is the working hub of our veterinary clinic.  It is where procedures such as blood work, wound management, medication administration and general treatments are performed.

The pharmacy area is where samples for diagnostic tests are prepared and prescriptions are filled.  Prescriptions can be called to the pharmacy of your choice or written prescriptions can be made as needed.  Due to questionable activity of some on-line pharmacies, we feel more comfortable writing prescriptions that the pet’s owner can use at their discretion.

The laboratory is used for procedures requiring a microscope including fecal exams, blood smears, urinalyses, and skin scrapings or ear cytologies.  The veterinary clinic also has professional blood machines to evaluate both CBC’s and blood chemistry profiles.  This allows both a quicker diagnosis and a faster treatment plan for the emergent cases or for your every day blood profiles.

The Dental Suite is a room entirely dedicated to your pet’s dental health.  We have a state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Scaler, Polishing Unit, and the capabilities to take full mouth dental radiographs.  With all of our dental procedures, we take full mouth dental radiographs, which can help uncover hidden infections or root and/or periodontal disease.

The isolation ward is intended for animals that have infectious diseases and must be isolated from the rest of the clinic. The room is equipped with negative air flow so that pathogens will not leave the room.  Staff maintains strict sanitation (gloves, gowns, and booties) when this room is in use.  A glass door to this ward is useful to observe the patient without exposure to the infection.

Boarding Facility


Our spacious and luxurious boarding facility can hold up to 70 dogs and 25 cats.  Cats and dogs are not boarded in the same area.   All dogs are hand walked twice daily in one of three large fenced-in yards.  Options for off leash playtime in our activity room are available for an additional charge.  All cats have their individual litter box changed twice daily.  Although bathing is offered, we strongly believe we should care for your pet so that it will leave our boarding facility as clean as it arrived.  Due to the endemic population of fleas in Georgia, all animals will receive a flea medication, at minimal cost, on arrival .  This is done to ensure we are not bringing fleas into our kennel so you won’t take any fleas home with you after your departure.


Dog Boarding

Our  facility offers a variety of cage sizes (3×4), run sizes (3×8, 4×8, 4×10), and luxury suites for your pampered love ones. All runs have optional elevated beds.  Glass block was used in the construction of the kennel in order to bring in natural light and yet dampen outside noise.  Upon arrival, your pet will be assigned a cubical in the Kennel Kitchen to keep his/her belongings separate from the other boarders. Pets that have special diets will have their own area in our kitchen where our kennel techs will prepare their meals just as they have them at home. Playtimes, additional walks, training, and baths are optional upgrades to your pet’s stay with us. Agility equipment is available. Due to rubber coated grates that keep our patients clean and dry, trimming of long nails will be required.  Constant cleaning ensures a happier, healthier stay for your pet.  Recommendations for your pet’s needs are appreciated.

Tours of our facility are always welcomed.

Cat Boarding
To reduce the stress level of our boarding cats, the Cat Ward is kept completely separate from the dog ward. The feline cages can be connected by portals to give the cats multiple “rooms” for more comfort.  Shelving in the cages allows cats to sleep or simply “hang out” in their lofts. Music is provided.   Cats are fed as directed to ensure they maintain their normal feeding schedule.  Owners are encouraged to bring their pet’s food for us to feed during their stay, as cats can be finicky eaters.  For the energetic feline, a playroom is provided complete with a carpeted “katmandu”and multiple climbing trees.  A large window in the window allows for visual stimulation.

Play Areas